17 de marzo – SIS


Actividad 4 estaciones.

Hoy hemos celebrado en el Sotogrande International School (SIS)  la llegada de la primavera con diversas actividades y juegos. Hemos comenzado saliendo saliendo al jardín y observando los cambios que empiezan a producirse en las plantas.


2 Diciembre – SIS


Today’s session we learnt about Spanish Xmas traditions and the Three Magic Kings.

As usual, we started with our greeting songs (see the links to practice at home).

After this, we discovered the Three Magic Kings story through a puppet show. Kids picked incredibly quick what is the Three kings’ job: “Los reyes traen regalos a todos los niños en España”. Three kings bring presents to all the children in Spain. Jemima, Ruby and Kjela create their own three kings puppets to carry on playing at home. Hope you enjoy with their funny stories!

Finishing with our song “Gracias profe”:

¡Gracias chicas, nos vemos el próximo lunes!  🙂


18 Noviembre – SIS


Today we learned about our daily routines and the girls were very proud to say what they do on their own. They shouted: ¡Yo sola! ( On my own!) Well done girls!